150.000 €
Code: 1358
In the village of Agios Georgios in Antiparos with lovely view at the sea, with distance just 100 meters from it, lot 1000m², # 2 in block 76.
1 000 m2 Plots, Agios Georgios, Antiparos
Code: 206
West of Antiparos, close to the sea and to the center of the traditional settlement, land 19557m² with complete folder ready to issue a building permit.
19 557 m2 Farmland, Sifneikos Gialos, Antiparos
115.000 €
Code: 1448
In Paros southwest part, close to the villages of Ageria and Aliki, on the main road, land 5327,57m² with beautiful views of the sea and the neighboring Antiparos.
5 327 m2 Farmland, Klaounas Ageria, Paros
162.000 €
Code: 1451
Close to the picturesque village of Aliki and the beaches the lot 2044m².
2 044 m2 Plots, Ageria, Paros
75.000 €
Code: 1415
In the southeastern part of Paros, in the traditional settlement of Prodromos, lot 1155m² with old building 28,96m².
1 155 m2 Plots, Prodromos, Paros
Code: 1284
On western Paros, just about 100 meters from the sea is the land of 12000m².
12 000 m2 Farmland, Korakia, Paros