Code: 339
In the village of Agios Georgios in Antiparos with lovely view at the sea and just 280 meters from the sea, is the land number 9 in block 9 with surface 1018m².
1 018 m2 Plots, Agios Georgios, Antiparos
230.000 €
Code: 864
Just 185 meters from the famous sandy beach Golden beach land 5680,54m².
5 680 m2 Farmland, Golden Beach, Paros
310.000 €
Code: 816
Very close to the village of Dryos is located the land 8010m² overlooking the sea, the Dryonisi and Naxos.
8 010 m2 Farmland, Drios, Paros
75.000 €
Code: 955
Situated just 250 meters from the traditional village of Kostos is the olive grove area with old trees surface 5059m².
5 059 m2 Farmland, Kostos, Paros