55.000 €
Code: 1136
In the western side of Paros, in walking distance from the sea and the small port from where the ferryboats connecting Paros with the neighboring Antiparos leave, close to the kite surf center, lot 765,70m².
765 m2 Plots, Punda, Paros
122.000 €
Code: 1451
Close to the picturesque village of Aliki and the beaches the lot 2044m².
2 044 m2 Plots, Ageria, Paros
1.000.000 €
Code: 739
In the southeastern part of Antiparos, close to the beach Soros is the land 8391m².
8 391 m2 Farmland, Soros, Antiparos
Code: 1421
In the eastern part of Paros, very close to the sandy beaches Glifades and Tsoukalia with the crystal clear water, land 5610m² with beautiful view to the light blue of the sea and the neighbouring island of Naxos.
5 610 m2 Farmland, Isterni, Paros
190.000 €
Code: 1316
In a quiet location with amphitheatrical view to the natural landscape, land 14536m².
14 536 m2 Farmland, Lefkes, Paros
75.000 €
Code: 1415
In the southeastern part of Paros, in the traditional settlement of Prodromos, lot 1155m² with old building 28,96m².
1 155 m2 Plots, Prodromos, Paros