Code: 1691
Above the settlement of Lefkes, amphitheater land 2010m² with a building permit issued for a ground floor house 100.05m², valid until December 2022.
2 010 m2 Farmland, Lefkes, Paros
135.000 €
Code: 1668
Within walking distance to the sea, viewing the light blue, the neighbouring Antiparos and the sunset, plot 4500m².
4 500 m2 Farmland, Kabos Punda, Paros
Code: 1680
On a hill, amongst the serenity of the natural Cycladic landscape, that offers panoramic view to all the surrounding area and the sea, land 4640m².
4 640 m2 Farmland, Stavros of Lefkes, Paros
49.000 €
Code: 1664
Lot in the settlement of Punda, close to the small port that connects Paros with the neighbouring Antiparos, as well as close to the kite surf centre and the sea, lot 333m².
333 m2 Plots, Punda, Paros
Code: 1662
At the southern part of Paros, combining the small distance from the settlement of Aliki with the easy access from the provincial road, land 8210,50m².
8 210 m2 Farmland, Aliki, Paros
170.000 €
Code: 1638
At the southeastern part of the island, close to the settlement of Drios, lot 2042m².
2 042 m2 Plots, Aspro Horio, Paros