Vacation Rentals

Code: 1218
The stunning stone villa Mandarin 141m², located in the southwestern part of Paros, offers a wonderful view of the picturesque small port of Aliki, the sea and Antiparos. Magnificent areas, idyllic scenery, comfort and serenity are some of its main features.
141 m2 3 3 Private pool Rent for Vacation, Ageria, Paros
Code: 995
In a quiet area of village ​​Drios is located the house 120m², which can accommodate up to 4 people.
120 m2 2 1 Rent for Vacation, Δρυός, Paros
Code: 621
The stone minimal house 200m² consists of 3 levels and has wonderful views at the sea and Naxos. An enclosed courtyard with a large tree in the center, welcomes the visitors in the house and offers a rich shade throughout the day.
200 m2 4 4 Private pool Rent for Vacation, Abelas, Paros
Code: 1115
The luxury house 140m², constructed in high standards, is located in the south of Paros, just above the famous sandy beach of Faragas with the turquoise waters.
140 m2 4 4 Rent for Vacation, Faragas, Paros
Code: 998
Just 200 meters to the stunning beach of Santa Maria the traditional detached house 140m².
140 m2 3 2 Rent for Vacation, Santa Maria, Paros
Code: 1094
In the southern part of Paros, very close to the picturesque village of Aliki and the beaches Voutakos and Punda is located the Cycladic stone house 250m² consisting of 3 levels.
250 m2 4 3 Private pool Rent for Vacation, Voutakos, Paros